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Improving Your Appliance Functionality

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Improving Your Appliance Functionality

How To Replace A Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motor

Dean Wade

If your refrigerator isn't cooling properly, or makes loud noises, the condenser fan motor may need replacing. Condenser fans are common features on frost-free refrigerators.

The condenser fan changes the liquid coolant to gas from by running it through coils, and it also evaporates liquid in the drain pan. It is simple to replace the condenser fan motor by following these tips.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:

  • work gloves
  • masking tape (optional)
  • flat-blade screwdriver
  • needle-nose pliers
  • slip join pliers
  • box and socket wrench
  • paintbrush
  • piece of scrap wood
  • cooler

Get an assistant to help move the refrigerator from the wall, and set it on the wood to protect the floor. Disconnect the power cord to the the unit, and store perishable items in a cooler, if needed.

Remove the Old Condenser Fan

Disconnect the hex head screws or bolts on the back cover with the screwdriver or box wrench. Tilt the cover at the bottom, then pull it off the lip. Set parts aside.

Scrub debris from the fan, shaft, and motor with the paintbrush. Manually spin the fan blade to see if it easily moves and replace fan blades that don't spin freely. 

Detach the nut on the motor shaft with slip-joint pliers, and remove the blade. Take a photo to help you recall how the wires connect, and unhook the wiring with needle-nose pliers. Some condenser fans may have two wiring harnesses. In this case, place masking tape over the wires exiting the harness.

Depress the tabs on the wiring harness tab to remove it. If necessary slide the blade of the screwdriver under the tab to lift the harness. 

 Disconnect remaining quarter-inch hex head screws on the bracket using the socket wrench, then pull the bracket from the motor. Push down on the fan, then detach the motor by pulling up on it. If the bracket, coils, and fan are very dirty, use compressed air to clean them. 

Install the New Condenser Fan

Use the old motor as a guide to buy a new one. The new condenser motor should come with two rubber washers. Slide a rubber washer over the spindle on the new condenser motor.

Reattach the bracket from the old fan motor, then insert the motor in the fan. Slide the other washer on top of the motor, and fasten it in place with the screws. Reinstall the wire harness, and set the assembly in the refrigerator.

Restore the power, and test the repair. If the refrigerator still doesn't cool, or you don't trust your skill, contact an refrigerator repair service.