Improving Your Appliance Functionality
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Improving Your Appliance Functionality

When we first moved into our home, it was incredible to see how many problems there were. We were always trying to figure out how to fix one thing or another, and it was really discouraging. We realized that we needed to work hard to make sure that our appliances wouldn't just bite the dust when we were least expecting it, so we started thinking about different ways to do things. We started working with an appliance services company that offered fast and efficient service, and they worked wonders on our outdated equipment. Check out this blog for great information on improving your appliance functionality.


Improving Your Appliance Functionality

Love Your New Washing Machine? Help It Last Longer With These 3 Simple Tips

Dean Wade

If you've got a new washing machine, you want it to last as long as possible. That means you need to take proper care of it. If you're like most people, you don't think much about your washing machine maintenance, until there's a problem. Unfortunately, that's a good way to get stuck with an emergency situation. It's also a good way to have your washing machine wear out before its time, which means you'll be investing in a new one before you're ready. Luckily, with some routine, tender-loving-care, your washing machine will serve you well for many years. Here are four tips that will help keep your washing machine in tiptop shape.

Keep Things Level

If your washing machine isn't on a firm foundation, it's going wear out faster. That's because when a washing machine isn't level, all the parts have to work harder to function properly; every thing is working against the opposing pressure that's being exerted on it from being out-of-balance. You can protect your washing machine by making sure it's level at least once a month. If you have self-adjusted legs on your washing machine, adjust them until everything is level again. If you don't, simply place a few pieces of cardboard under the legs until your washing machine is level.

Clean the Machine

You might think that your washing machine is clean enough, since it's got soap and water in it so often. However, that's not actually true. In fact, your washing machine is dirtier than you think. Things like oils, dirt, and soap scum can build up inside your washing machine. When that happens, not only will your clothes not get as clean as they should, but your washer will have a harder time operating. To cure the problem, you should clean your washing machine about once a month. To clean your washing machine fill it for a normal load – without the clothing – and add 4 cups of white vinegar, and 1 cup of baking soda. Send the washing machine through the entire wash cycle. This will keep your washing machine clean, and odor-free.

Inspect the Hose

If you haven't checked the washing machine hose in a while, you should take care of that now. The hose that runs from your washing machine to the drain can wear out very quickly. If it ruptures during use, it can damage your washing machine, and cause water damage to your home. To make sure your hose is still in good condition, you should inspect it about once a month. Check the fitting for signs of leaks, and then check for cracks on the hose.

Now that you have a new washing machine, give it the care it will need. Be sure to schedule annual service calls with repair technician near you.