Improving Your Appliance Functionality
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Improving Your Appliance Functionality

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Improving Your Appliance Functionality

Five Ways To Tune Up Your Fridge And Freezer

Dean Wade

You might not quite realize how thankful you are for your freezer until you have to make do without it for a week when it is out of commission for freezer repair. It is then that you learn a lesson or two and try to take time to tune your freezer more often in order to make sure that it is running at optimum.Here are five ways to ensure your fridge and freezer are tuned up.

Clean It

Part of tuning your freezer is cleaning. A good place to start is by creating a comprehensive plan on what to clean and the frequency. This ensures that in due course you will be cleaning various parts periodically, ensuring that your freezer is in good condition and does not demand refrigerator repairs too often.

Check the Condenser Coil

Start clean and checking the condenser coils about twice a year. These are the radiator like coils located at the back or beneath your unit. These coils are responsible for removing heat from the fridge. When dust and dirt accumulates on this coils they are unable to dispel the heat as efficiently which results in increased consumption of energy.

Defrost It

Defrosting is another aspect in fine tuning your fridge. If your unit is manual, then you need to watch out for the ice inside the freezer and once it has accumulated to a thickness of about half inch to an inch, then it is due for defrosting.

This can be accomplished by turning off the thermostat or unplugging the fridge. Clean the resulting water that will drain into a shallow pan at the bottom of your unit.

For a self defrosting fridge, you need not do anything. It is calibrated to slightly heat up the cooling coil every six to eight hours to ensure defrosting takes place automatically. The pan at the bottom of your unit will collect the resulting water but will need occasional cleaning to avoid bacterial growth and odors.  

Check the Gasket

This is also known as the rubber door seam that can get damaged over time letting warm air into the refrigerator. Clean it periodically for it to work at optimum and replace it if gets worn out. Make sure this is done quickly to prevent escalation.

Strategically Stock Your Fridge

Do not throw everything in there mixing flavors and not considering their refrigeration needs. Makes sure the items that need freezing are in the freezer, vegetables and fruits are put in the crisp drawer and meat and eggs are put in the coldest part of the fridge, the bottom shelves. This way no thawing occurs that may damage components in the fridge.

Fine tuning your fridge is a do it yourself sort of thing as you can see and it will improve functionality as well ensure longevity. If you notice anything amiss in the operation of your fridge, then it is best to call a freezers repair professional to have it fixed.