Improving Your Appliance Functionality
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Improving Your Appliance Functionality

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Improving Your Appliance Functionality

How Full Should You Stuff A Washer / Dryer?

Dean Wade

This is the question many of us ask ourselves when standing in front of the dryer with a hamper full of wet clothes. Unfortunately, there aren't always clear guidelines with regards to how full the dryer should be when it's running, or maybe the information gets lost in a manual no one can find. Keeping your dryer optimally loaded will ensure you get the best out of your machine without putting too much strain on it.

The Issues with an Overloaded Dryer

Overloading a dryer can have a number of negative side-effects. These include:

  1. Frequent Breakdowns: Running a heavy load is hard on the pulley, drum belt and spindle bearings. This is because the extra effort causes more wear and tear. If you frequently overload a dryer, you'll need washer dryer repair services more often.

  2. Overheating Motor: If the motor works too hard, it can burn out a lot faster. A short life cycle for your motor is a bad thing because they are expensive to replace and the labor cost is also high.

  3. Inefficient Drying: Putting a huge load in the dryer at once may seem like a great way to save energy. However, air doesn't circulate properly in cramped spaces. This means the load will take a lot longer to dry, using up more energy.

  4. Wrinkling: Even with a de-wrinkling feature, you should expect wrinkles if too many clothes are crammed into the dryer. This means more time and energy wasted to iron or steam out wrinkles.

Consult a washer / dryer repair expert if you start to notice problems with the quality of your washes, because overloading the machines can do permanent damage.

How Full Should the Dryer Be?

Some manufacturers take the guesswork out of the question by providing specific instructions on the size of loads.

However, some manufacturers may omit this, or you may have bought the dryer second-hand and this information may not be available any more. In such cases, a good rule of thumb is not to exceed two-thirds of the dryer's capacity. Keeping it at half is even better. One exception would be if you're drying a light comforter.

Additional Guidelines on Dryer Use

Apart from heavy loads, you should also avoid unnecessarily long cycles. Only keep the dryer running for as long as is required to dry the load. You should also clean out the filter after every load.

You should also clean out the lint from the dryer vent, especially after heavy loads. Dry lint poses a serious fire risk. If your loads are not drying adequately, you may be overloading the dryer.