Improving Your Appliance Functionality
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Improving Your Appliance Functionality

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Improving Your Appliance Functionality

Is Your Fridge Not Cold? Simple Fixes To Try Right Away

Dean Wade

When you open your fridge, you expect the inside to be cool, and for the items inside to be cool. If the food isn't staying cool, then you have a problem on your hands. There are a few simple fixes you should try before you bring in the professionals for refrigerator repair.

Simple Fix #1: Check the Cord

First, you need to check the cord and make sure your fridge is properly plugged in. If the plug is not all the way plugged in, it may not be getting the electricity it needs to keep your fridge cool. Make sure your fridge is fully plugged in.

Simple Fix #2: Check the Thermostat

Second, you need to check the thermostat inside the unit. It is entirely possible that you or someone else in your household accidentally moved the thermostat down, resulting in your fridge becoming too warm. If the thermostat was turned too far down, your fridge will not stay cold enough to keep your food fresh.

Simple Fix #3: Clear the Vents

Your fridge pulls in the air that helps to cool things off. If the vents are blocked on your fridge, it is not going to be able to keep things cool. Make sure the vents inside and outside your fridge are not blocked, thus preventing cool air from circulating in your fridge.

Simple Fix #4: Clean the Condenser Fan

Next, you need to make sure the condenser fan is working properly. To do this, you are going to need to unplug your fridge. After you do that, get someone to help you pull your fridge out so you can access the back of the fridge, where the condenser fan is located.  

Spin the fan using your hand to make sure it is moving properly. If it is stuck, see if you can fix whatever is obstructing the smooth operation of the fan. You may also want to vacuum and clean the fan as well.

If none of the simple fixes above get your fridge cool enough to keep your food cold, you are going to need to call in an appliance repair technician. The evaporator fan may need to be replaced, or there may be an issue with the compressor that needs to be addressed. These are larger issues which can be a little too complex to fix on your own, which is why it is best to bring in some extra help with these issues. 

A professional repair technician will be able to take care of any serious problems with your fridge.